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About Us

Our Primary Purpose

Messier Financial Advisors, a fee-based financial planning practice, can help guide you toward a more secure future. We believe that it's not only our responsibility to help you make the most of your income and assets, but also to help you make the most of your life. It's our plan for your future.

Our overriding philosophy - the one that distinctively defines the way we do business - is "Serve First, Last and Always‚Ą†".

Our "Serve First" philosophy was conceived over 50 years ago and still drives our business today. Conviction in what we do and sell, the courage to get our clients to take action, competency based on continuing education and training, and communication that builds understanding and trust - these are the key qualities of "Serve First". And these are the commitments we make to you when you choose to retain us.

With Messier Financial Advisors, our clients receive the best of two worlds: the experience and financial stability of a long-standing financial firm, and the individual service that comes from having a personal financial advisor.

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